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Start Your Culinary Career at Park City Culinary Institute, On-Campus and Online

Learning the Culinary Arts:

Not just a FLASH in the pan

Get certified in Cooking, Baking, and the Culinary Arts in as few as 5 weeks. Now in Salt Lake City!

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Start Your Culinary Adventure!

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How to Become a World-Class Culinary Genius?

Follow this recipe to begin your culinary career or hobby at Park City Culinary Institute.

Step 1

Start with a fun, hands-on learning environment that supports your food artistry.

Step 2

Season with a culinary teaching kitchen and mentorship from professional chef instructors.

Photo of pizza, bread, soup, and salad cooked up by Park City Culinary Institute students.

Step 3

Add a dash of professional culinary skills, regardless of age or experience.

Step 4

Turn up the heat with an accelerated curriculum available for entrepreneurs.

Step 5

Finish with a life-long set of skills for a delicious and creative future!

Play Video about Park City Culinary Institute students in the teaching kitchen with their chef instructor, showing off all the work they've done.
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Our Main Courses

Professional Certificate in the Culinary Arts

Where Sweet and Savory Meet

No need to pick between dinner and dessert. Our Professional Certificate in the Culinary Arts is a combination of the Cuisine Certificate and the Pastry & Baking Certificate. This program includes 192 hours of hands-on training, where you can choose your schedule to complete the course in as few as 10 weeks, or part-time over 4 months.

Want to finish sooner? We offer an Accelerated Program which allows you to complete the full curriculum in just 5 weeks by attending the morning and afternoon classes together!

Professional in the Culinary Arts Certificate Program
“On day three what I learned and understood already made the tuition worth it. I have been able to pick up side-work in hotel banquets, and was offered a two month stint cooking in Costa Rica just days after classes ended. I am now seriously valued with my certification.”
Matthew Kraeling
2016 Graduate, General Manager Hyatt
Matthew Kraeling, 2016 Graduate, General Manager Hyatt

Cuisine Certificate

The story Behind Every Flavor

Want to bring home the bacon without the baking? The Cuisine Certificate gives you hands-on practice with meat, poultry, seafood, knife skills and technical cuts. Learn all about plating, flavor profiles, and other advanced techniques during your 96 hours of training. Get your Cuisine Certificate in as little as 5 to 8 weeks.

Cuisine Certificate Program
“Not only did I eat well every single day but I had so much fun and didn’t want the program to end. The past 8 weeks have been incredible.”
Bethany Grow
Class of 2015
Bethany Grow, Class of 2015

Pastry & Baking Certificate

Sweeten the Deal

No half-baked ideas here. For those with a passion for all things pastries and baking, this certificate gives you hands-on practice with croissants, eclairs, French macarons, as well as techniques such as tempering chocolate, cake decorating, and more. The Pastry & Baking Certificate includes 96 hours of training and can be completed in 5 to 8 weeks.

Baking & Pastry Certificate Program
“I am in heaven. This class is the best thing I have done in my adult life!”
Rachel Gilbert
2014 Graduate, Business Owner
Rachel Gilbert, 2014 Graduate, Business Owner

Need Another Flavor for Learning?

Get more info about our online options within each program.

Park City Culinary Institute:
What It All Boils Down to

Small Class Sizes

We limit our class sizes to small intimate groups, allowing you to receive more personalized attention from your chef instructors. This makes it easier for you to participate and become more involved in class, which accelerates your learning.

Skill Focused

You develop meaningful skills that expand your culinary knowledge and make you a valuable asset in the industry. You'll surprise yourself at how fast your skills improve!